Agencies - the need for help in Germany

This is clearly a German thing. One advertising association is not enough ... No, Germany needs numerous advertising associations and agencies. To be exact, 6 organisations: BVDW, CMF, Famab, GWA, GPRA and OMG.

Although they don't always work together happily, they have all identified the same issue: 'Who wants to work in an advertising agency today?' This is a question is that is totally justified. High levels of unpaid overtime, not much holiday leave, and salaries that are only good for those who are able to boast about prices and successful pitches.

The aforementioned advertising agencies and associations have responded to this negative spiral in a really smart way. On 17 May, a blank campaign will appear on all channels of the associations and the member agencies - digitally, of course. The motto of the digital campaign is "Mach was draus." or 'Do something about it. Come to the agency'. It is expected that 1.6 million students will take the initiative and apply for a three-month agency training course - that is, they can work in different areas in 6 agencies.

The current website doesn't give much away about this campaign or the job, but I am really looking forward to seeing what creative efforts will be appearing by the young advertising students in their respective formats.