UNSPLASH – great pictures free of charge!

iStock – that’s history

Back when I run the agency mahobabo, my customers used to ask me where I get these great pictures from.

No – this is not about iStock & Co. I’m talking about quite the opposite – websites who offer visual material for free.

Free of charge? YES, exactly, you heard it right!

You may have already asked yourselves how it can be that some pictures are popping up in various places more and more frequently. This could be caused, for example, by UNSPLASH. The platform has committed itself to publishing royalty-free pictures.
But what does that imply, royalty-free? As a matter of fact, these pictures are not royalty-free. But they are subject to the “Creative Commons Zero License”, which simply means that you can use, copy and modify them for free – even for commercial purposes. What is particularly fabulous about this platform and the „creative commons zero“, is that neither the photographer nor the platform will insist in any mentioning in the fine print. They’re even happy if you decide to express your gratitude towards them within the imprint or the like.

I am  a huge fan of this platform. And those who take a closer look at my background and the web presence of my former agency, they will surely realize where the individual pictures are taken from.
Secret revealed :-)

Stay tuned!